New to Alaska SEED

As early childhood and school-age professionals, it’s important for you to be knowledgeable about current best practices in early childhood education, State of Alaska training requirements, and professional development opportunities. Alaska SEED is a statewide system designed to help you stay current on these things and plan your career.

Special note: Panu Lucier has retired since the making of this video. Cassie Hulse is the current Alaska SEED manager.

What is the Alaska SEED System?

The Alaska SEED System is made up of the below parts. Together they help you plan and track your professional development so you can advance your career in the early childhood education and school-age fields. 

  1. Alaska SEED Registry: First, join this FREE database to track and plan your professional development
  2. 12-step career ladder: Once you join, you will be placed on the Alaska SEED Career Ladder so you can follow your progress
  3. Financial support: Now you’re ready to increase your eligibility for scholarships and funding opportunities
  4. Trainer and Training Approval System: Take the next step in your career and become a SEED approved trainer to deliver consistent, high-quality training statewide

What is the Alaska SEED Registry?

The Alaska SEED Registry provides an efficient system to keep track of your ongoing education and training. Once you join, your placement on the Alaska SEED Career Ladder increases your eligibility for scholarship and funding opportunities, as well as gives policy makers accurate data about the early childhood education workforce and its impact on the economy.

Begin your professional development journey and join the Alaska SEED Registry today!