Travel Reimbursement

We’re pleased to support your travel for professional development! Complete a two-step application process to get reimbursed up to $1,000 until June 30 for travel costs to attend higher education/training within Alaska. First, submit the Pre-Travel application below at least 21 days prior to traveling to be pre-approved for your travel reimbursement. Finally, Alaska SEED will send you a Travel Verification Form to complete and submit with your required documents within 60 days of completing your travel and training.

To be eligible for a TR:

  • Your membership in the Alaska SEED Registry is current/active.
  • You are an early childhood or school-age professional operating or working as a paid employee of a licensed or approved child care facility.
  • You are currently residing in the state of Alaska.

Licensed Definition: Licensed Child Care Provider, who is licensed by the State of Alaska, Child Care Program Office (CCPO) or the Municipality of Anchorage, Child Care Licensing (CCL).

Approved Definition: Approved Provider, who is approved by the State of Alaska, Child Care Program Office (CCPO) Child Care Assistance (CCA) Program as an Approved Relative Provider, or an Approved in-Home Provider.

To confirm a child care facility is licensed by CCPO or CCL, please use the “Find a Child Care Provider” at State of Alaska.

Please note: A $33 stop payment fee will be deducted when a replacement check must be issued for lost or misplaced checks or checks which are undeliverable when an incorrect mailing address is supplied.

Guidelines for Reimbursement

Apply Now!

Applying for a Travel Reimbursement is a two-step process.

Submit your Pre-TR Application using the button below at least 21 days prior to traveling.

Upload the required documentation directly within the online application. The recommended web browser is Google Chrome.

PLEASE NOTE: Paper applications will no longer be accepted after 10.01.2023.

If you are pre-approved, Alaska SEED will email and/or mail you a confirmation and a Travel Request (TR) Verification Form. The TR Verification Form, along with all receipts and proof of completion, must be submitted within 60 business days of completing your travel and training.