Training Approval

The Alaska SEED Training Approval System ensures that trainings:

Training approved through the Alaska SEED training approval process will be recognized as Alaska SEED approved training for placement on the Alaska SEED Career Ladder. Approved training is valid for five years. Many nationally-approved training organizations recognized by the National Workforce Registry Alliance are also Alaska SEED approved.

Are you ready to have your training approved? Follow these steps:

1. Determine Your Training Category

  • Early Care & Learning or Specialized Training: If your training is related to the field of early care and learning, or a specialized training, such as healthcare or tax workshop, use the Early Care & Learning and Specialized Training Approval Application. Attach documentation of any credentials or licenses that qualify you to teach this training.
  • Conference, Event or One-Time Training: If you are a professional development organization or entity and are requesting Alaska SEED approval for a “one-time” training for events such as conferences, institutes, or visiting speakers, use the Conference or Event Training Approval Application.

2. Review Alaska’s Standards

Alaska SEED-approved training must align with Alaska’s Early Care and Education Core Knowledge and Competencies (CKC) and Alaska’s Early Learning Guidelines (ELG). Take time to review these documents and decide how your training aligns with these standards.

3. Apply

Once you have determined which application form is appropriate for your training type, download the form below, complete the entire form, and submit it along with any required supporting documents to Alaska SEED. Both applications include an instructional plan that will ask about your training outcomes, learning methods, assessment/evaluation tools, and how your training aligns with the Alaska CKC and ELG.

Early Care & Learning
or Specialized
Training Approval Application
or Event
Training Approval Application

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