With Gratitude, We Honor You!

May 10, 2019

May 10 is Provider Appreciation Day. This year, thread encourages you, Alaska’s early childhood educators, to practice
daily wellness and self-care. Every day you support our young children in their healthy development and for that we say “Thank You.”

Your self-care is critical for the work that you do, because it:

  • Reduces stress during challenging situations, allowing you to focus on positive learning and development
  • Encourages creative expression and clear-mindedness
  • Builds resiliency for you to do the work you love

To help you begin, or continue, your wellness journey, thread is providing you with a yoga mat! We hope that it will provide you with a special space to take care, stretch, rest, or find your inner peace.

Yoga mats will be issued to you via thread trainings and workshops, as well as regular program visits statewide.

To also assist you in your self-care journey, try these brain-body healing movements from the Alaska Resilience Initiative that encourage breathing, centering and calm.

We hope these gifts cultivate an awareness of self-care and mindfulness.

Thank you again for your passion and dedication to our young children!