October is Fire Prevention Month

October 11, 2022

The Municipality of Anchorage Health Department has compiled a list of ideas to promote fire safety within child care programs. Keep children and families safe by staying educated on fire safety and fire emergency preparedness. The Municipality of Anchorage Fire Department website has additional resources for families to talk about fire safety and templates to create fire safety plans at home.

Click here to review the PDF resource on Fire Safety from the Anchorage Health Department.

Help ensure children and families are prepared for fire emergencies:

  • Talk about smoke detectors and fire alarms
  • Talk with children about when to dial 911
  • Provide resources to families to create their own fire escape routes at home
  • Practice Stop, Drop and Roll & Crawl Low in Smoke
  • Read books, sing songs and play games about fire safety
  • Reach out to the Anchorage Fire Department for additional resources and education

Fire Extinguisher Information for Child Care Providers:

  • Each new fire extinguisher comes with a tag attached from the manufacturer.
  • The tag has 12 blocks that are used for documenting monthly inspections that providers should be completing.
  • During your annual fire inspection, the inspector will accept a tag that is attached to the fire extinguisher with the first inspection block is filled out with the month and year and indicates “NEW”. Providers should also write the serial number of the fire extinguisher on the tag.
  • One year from the date marked new or if the tag is removed the fire extinguisher is required to be serviced and re-tagged.
  • When additional fire extinguishers are provided above the minimum number required, they still need to be tagged. Please reach out to your assigned child care licensing specialist if you have questions regarding your fire extinguishers.

Click here to review the Child Care Licensing Provider Memo from the Municipality of Anchorage.

Additional resources for fire prevention handouts and education: