November is National Family Literacy Month

November 11, 2022

Reading is one of the most important early learning activities there is. When a child discovers that sharing a book with a loving adult can be a warm, happy experience, they begin to build a lifelong love of reading. Reading also helps children achieve greater academic success according to national research.

November is National Family Literacy Month, an opportunity for families to learn and share their love of reading – together! It is also a time to celebrate the work literacy programs do to empower families.

thread encourages you to visit your local library!

Visiting the library with your family is free and fun! Your child has the opportunity to get their own library card, pick out books to take home, and spend some time in the communal kid corner to flip through colorful pages. In addition to books, libraries also offer many programs. Join some of those programs, such as workshops, Storytime sessions, and reading groups to add to the fun. 

  • Click here to visit the Anchorage Public Library’s Storytime schedule.
  • Click here to visit the Fairbanks North Start Borough’s public library schedule.
  • Click here to visit the Mat-Su Public Library Network.

Child Care Aware of America suggests the following ways family literacy can be promoted at home this month and beyond:

Infant Reading

Engage all of your baby’s senses in learning language and reading skills.

  • Hold and touch your baby – make eye contact often
  • Talk and sing during bath time, feeding, play time, and diaper changing
  • Let your baby see and touch books with words and pictures
  • Read to your baby every day

Toddler Reading

Your captive audience is now on the move!

  • Choose books with interesting pictures and stories that emphasize letters, and sounds
  • Continue talking and singing: Talk about the things you and your toddler do together
  • Keep books, magazines, newspapers, pictures, and their own drawings around where toddlers can see them

Preschool Reading

Your preschooler has a lot of literacy skills now. Provide fun ways to keep them engaged!

  • Take turns reading
  • Ask questions for more information and dialogue
  • Have a set reading time when you and your preschooler read out loud every day
  • Give lots of reading and writing material
  • Play language games

For a full list of reading tips, click here.

Alaska Reads Act

The Alaska Reads Act (House Bill 114) was signed into law July 2022. The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) is currently preparing for the implementation of the law, most of which takes effect on July 1, 2023. The new legislation creates four new programs, including a voluntary pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) and Parents as Teachers program. thread is advocating for Pre-K services to be delivered in a mixed delivery system.

Click here to read thread’s Alaska Reads Act blog.

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