Here’s to You – Thank You for All You Do

May 7, 2021

From keeping up with health and safety protocols, to guiding, nurturing and teaching Alaska’s young children every day, as an  early childhood educator — you are essential!

That’s why on Friday, May 7, thread is celebrating you during Provider Appreciation Day!

You Are Important!

Working in the early childhood education sector is important work. You are providing essential care and stability so that working families can do their jobs each day. In the past year, you have stepped up to the frontlines to ensure young children continue to grow in a safe, healthy and playful environment.

Families rely on your kind and responsive nature to make their child’s high-quality early childhood education possible. This prepares Alaska’s children for a lifetime of success!

Here’s to you! On Provider Appreciation Day, thread is honoring you in the following ways:

Check thread’s Online Gratitude Wall

Alaska’s communities are saying “thank you” for the work you do. Visit thread’s Gratitude Wall on May 7 to read the posts, and add a message of your own to your friends in the field.

Free thread Training Through June 2022

We know your professional development journey is an important one as it plays an important role in a child’s development. To assist you in this goal, thread will continue to offer free training through June 2022! Register for upcoming trainings here.

Self-Care Activity

Try these fun self-care activities from Child Care Aware of America, crossing them off as you go!

Happy Provider Appreciation Day and thank you for all you do!