May 1 is Worthy Wage Day

April 30, 2021

Alaska’s early childhood educators play an essential role in the lives of working families and their young children by providing safe, healthy and playful child care. Despite the value of this work, teaching in early childhood education is one of the lowest paid occupations in the country!

Worthy Wages for Worthy Work

Early educators are qualified professionals who receive ongoing training and education to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help young children learn and grow. When these educators are forced to leave the field for better pay and benefits, Alaska’s families and young children suffer the consequences. For Alaska to have quality child care for children, early educators must be fairly compensated.

Since 1992, Worthy Wage Day has been a national day of action and recognition of:

  • The low wages earned by early childhood educators
  • The importance of retaining early educators so that young children have continuity of care
  • The need for public/private investment in early childhood education

It is also a day to call on local policymakers to find solutions to this issue, and to thank Alaska’s early educators for the work they do.

Take Action

Early educators are worthy of fair compensation. Here are ways you can take action in support of their important work.

  • Join thread on May 1 by thanking your early educator for his/her dedication to the field.
  • Stay informed:
    • Study Child Care Aware of America’s 2020-22 Policy Agenda to learn how national policies must address the pivotal role child care plays within communities.
  • Share your voice:
    • Talk to your early educators and legislators about compensation reform.
    • Sign-up to receive thread’s Action Alerts and add your voice to upcoming policy decisions around early childhood education.

Alaska SEED Supports Early Educators

Alaska’s System for Early Education Development (SEED) provides support for the professional development of early educators. During COVID-19, Alaska SEED is supporting early educators with the Alaska SEED ROOTS (Retaining Our Outstanding Teachers) Award to encourage retention in the field.