QRIS is a systemic approach to assess early childhood education (ECE) programs and provide the necessary resources and planning to help programs build on their strengths to improve quality. 

Benefits of Learn & Grow’s QRIS framework include:

  • Recognition of your ECE program’s strengths while helping you develop a plan for improvement.
  • Access to resources (see below) that help your ECE program improve and sustain higher quality.
  • Gives parents more options to be a part of a high-quality program and helps them become better consumers.
  • Brings community awareness to the critical role that the early years play in preparing children for school and for life.

To help Learn & Grow programs obtain these benefits, the following tools and resources are available:

  • thread Tools, an online library of templates and information for program management
  • Peer learning for Program Administrators
  • Increased financial & marketing support
  • Technical assistance and coaching from thread
  • New online portal for programs to access Learn & Grow (coming soon!)

thread Tools, an online library of templates and information for program management, will launch later this year