Strategic Plans

Learn & Grow's FY19-20 Strategic Plan has three goals with multiple focus areas and specific annual activities designed to advance the development and implementation of Learn & Grow.

Goal 1 

Develop and infuse a shared vision of quality early childhood programming across all early childhood education program types.

Focus Areas: Collaboration, Policy & Statue, Funding, Advocacy, AECCC, and Marketing/Communication

Goal 2

Learn & Grow’s governance structure and guiding documents are comprehensive, inclusive, and flexible to ensure Learn & Grow is successful and sustainable.

Focus Areas: Governance Structure Roles and Responsibilities, Data, Evaluation, Systems Continuous Quality Improvement Process, Strategic Plan and Annual operating priorities

Goal 3

Learn & Grow successfully implements supports and resources to all participating programs to assure equitable and individualized access to all quality improvement activities.

Focus Areas: Quality standards & Activities, Leadership supports, Developmental screening, Child Assessment and Curriculum, Child Outcomes, Social Emotional Development of children teachers, and families, Program/ environment assessment, Tools & Resources, Verification & Renewal process