Reports & Resources

Learn & Grow is a part of the nationwide Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) movement. The following links, articles, and reports all support the need for improved quality in early childhood education across the country. Please explore these resources and contact us if you need more information or have questions about Learn & Grow or QRIS.

The Build Initiative

“A quality rating and improvement system provides a framework for building strong early care and education systems within states. With its increased focus on data collection, QRIS can be a powerful policy tool to transform early childhood education.” Visit the Build Initiative.

QRIS Learning Network

“The BUILD Initiative’s QRIS National Learning Network was formed by a coalition of states and organizations. The network is united in the desire to use rating and improvement strategies to elevate the quality of care in state early care and education systems and to support and improve children’s development.” Visit the QRIS Learning Network.

The Heckman Equation

“Anyone looking for upstream solutions to the biggest problems facing America should look to Nobel Prize winning University of Chicago Economics Professor James Heckman’s work to understand the great gains to be had by investing in the early and equal development of human potential.” Learn more about the Heckman Equation.

Reducing Early Childhood Exclusionary Practices (RECEP)

Reducing Early Childhood Exclusionary Practices (RECEP) is a white paper that contains a summary of national and state expulsion and suspension research, as well as local and state policy recommendations to reduce exclusionary practices and improve quality. Other RECEP resources include summary of research results on expulsion and suspension rates, teacher stress and wellness in Alaska, and what Alaska decided to focus its work on.

2019-20 Learn & Grow Progress Report

This report provides an overview of Learn & Grow’s work from 2019-20.