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Take Action

thread makes it possible for you to advocate on behalf of the industry as a whole by providing a platform for you to learn about the issues and speak to policy makers. Your voice matters!

State Budget & New Legislation

National Issues

  • May 29: thread endorses the National Child Care is Essential Act. This proposed legislation would provide $50 billion in grant funding to child care programs, helping to stabilize the child care sector, and support programs to safely reopen and operate. Learn more here.
  • Speak Up for Child Care: Deliver a message to Alaska's U.S. Congress members asking them to prioritize child care funding. We are advocating for continued investment in child care through COVID-19 relief packages. Take action now.

Local Issues

  • Proposed Alcohol Tax to Expand Early Childhood Education
    The Municipality of Anchorage Assembly voted to send a 5% alcohol tax to the April 7 election ballot. If approved by voters, the estimated taxes raised would fund programs including directed resources to expand early childhood education. 
  • Juneau Child Care Initiative: Hiring, Educating, and Retaining Teaching Staff (HEARTS)
    The City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) Assembly increased funding this year for the highly effective HEARTS education awards for child care teachers. The awards are proven to increase recruitment and retention and increase qualifications. The CBJ Assembly also funded a child care loan start up fund, and approved a plan for child care capacity and quality incentives. The proposal is part of the budget process this year, anticipated to start in July 2021.