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Take Action

thread makes it possible for you to advocate on behalf of the industry as a whole by providing a platform for you to learn about the issues and speak to policy makers. Your voice matters!

Local Issues 

  • Governor's Proposed FY20 State Budget
    In February, Gov. Mike Dunleavy unveiled his proposed state budget, which is expected to cut at least $1.6 billion in state spending, including millions in early childhood education funding. Find out how you can take action to make sure crucial funds are available to working families and educators statewide. Learn more and take action here! 

National Issues

  • Support Child Care for Working Families NEW!  
    The cost of child care impacts families, governments, businesses, and individuals. Ask your congressmember to support the Child Care for Working Families Act which aims to create a federal policy that will provide high-quality affordable child care to all parents.
  • Support Proposed Comprehensive Family Leave Program  
    The FAMILY Act would establish a comprehensive national family leave program that would be available to millions of families. The FAMILY Act would guarantee at least 12 weeks of paid leave, which may be used for caring for a newborn child or tending to an ill family member, and make it illegal for employers to fire workers who need to take leave.