Early Education Programs

If your program is interested in:

  • continuous quality improvement
  • helping educators advance their education and learn the valuable skills to support positive adult-child interactions
  • having supports and resources to reduce turnover in your program and pay your staff a living wage
  • learning more about how to use the learning environment as a second or third teacher

Learn & Grow may be the solution for you!

Learn & Grow is a voluntary system that provides the framework and necessary supports for early childhood education programs to actively participate in continuous quality improvement activities. Supports include:

  • Development of a quality improvement plan
  • Coaching, technical assistance, and specialized training
  • Quality Recognition Awards (financial support)
  • Marketing and communication materials
Programs set their own timelines for achieving the activities. As programs meet a set of quality standards they are publicly recognized for their accomplishments at each level of quality.
Learn & Grow is currently available for State of Alaska and Municipality of Anchorage licensed centers, licensed group homes, and licensed home programs to enroll. It includes two of the five levels of quality:

Level 1: Learning About Higher Quality
Level 2: Moving Into Higher Quality
Coming soon:
Level 3: Committing to Higher Quality
Level 4: Growing into Higher Quality
Level 5: Thriving in Higher Quality


Learn & Grow Levels of Quality