thread is Here for You: COVID-19 Resources

November 19, 2020

thread is here to support you through Alaska’s increasein COVID-19 cases. Below are various resources from thread’s COVID-19 Resource Center that will help guide you through all stages of the pandemic. 

For a list of recent health mandates and COVID-19 related announcements from the State of Alaska, click here.

thread Service Update (November 2020)  

thread offices statewide remain physically closed to the public. However, thread continues to work remotely, providing all services via telephone and/or distance delivery.   

  • Child Care Referrals: thread understands every family has a unique situation. If you need assistance with finding child care, contact us at 800.278.3723 between 9 am and 5 pm, or use this online search tool
  • Child Care Assistance: For families in Norther Interior and Southeast Alaska, thread can help you find out if you are eligible for child care assistance. Learn more here.
  • Parent TALK: A FREE monthly group where parents learn, share ideas, and ask questions about the joys and challenges of parenting. Learn more here.
  • thread’s COVID-19 Family Resource Center: Tools and updates to support you and your family during these uncertain times. Learn more here.
Early Childhood Educators & Programs
  • Training: thread’s trainings are FREE through June 2021 and are being delivered via Zoom.  Visit thread’s training calendar to learn more and to register. 
  • Thursdays with thread: FREE monthly virtual workshops designed to connect you with COVID-19 resources — and each other.  
  • Technical Assistance: Technical assistance is available through distance delivery methods, when possible. Learn more here
  • thread’s COVID-19 Early Childhood Education Resource Center: Tools and updates to support you and your program during these uncertain times. Learn more here.

Resources for Safe & Healthy Programs

For open child care programs, prevention means staying up to date with the latest government mandates as well as recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Child Care Aware of America, and other leading experts.  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Supplies 

If your program is in need of PPE or supplies, the following resources are available:


Tell Us Your Story 

Did your program permanently or temporarily close due to COVID-19? As a parent, how did COVID-19 affect your child’s program? How did day-to-day life change for you and your family?

thread wants to hear from you about how this pandemic is affecting your program and lives.