Reach for the Stars with a CDA

July 11, 2019

Most states like Alaska recognize the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential as a benchmark of value in its quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) for early care and education. The CDA is an essential building block that guides professional growth for early childhood educators within QRIS systems nationwide.

QRIS systems typically offer a rating system that can guide parents in finding the best services for their children and help educators reach their potential.

Under a QRIS system, like Learn & Grow, early childhood education programs receive more stars — like restaurants or hotels — as they progressively meet higher standards on key components of the system.

Administered by the Council for Professional Recognition for more than 35 years, the CDA provides a structured way to assess, enhance and communicate the level of safety, competence and responsiveness in early care and education settings that QRIS systems desire.

When educators choose to earn a CDA, they set out on a path of continuous learning and quality improvement.

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