Happy Provider Appreciation Day! Keep Calm and Care On!

May 24, 2024

May 10th is Provider Appreciation Day. Join thread in celebrating early childhood educators across Alaska. Child care professionals were “essential” long before the pandemic. They keep our children safe, nurture their curiosity, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and growth. Together with Child Care Aware of America and nationwide Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, nonprofit and business partners, we invite you to join us in not only thanking our early childhood educators but also aiding in the fight for the legislative changes we have to see in child care. You can join in our fight by signing up for our action alerts here.

Dear early childhood educators,
Thank you for all your patience today. Thank you for wiping my tears and my bottom.
Thank you for fixing boo-boos, tending to hearts, and teaching me how to share and be kind.
Thank you for being there.
I have grown and thrived under your care.
It takes a big heart to shape little minds.
Thank you for being an exceptional early childhood educator!
With love, the children of Alaska.

thread is celebrating child care professionals with the gift of Calm. The Calm app is a mental wellness tool that early childhood educators can use in and outside of the classroom. The Calm app offers meditations, movements, sleep stories, soundscapes, and audio programs to encourage mental wellness. The Calm app will offer you a variety of content ranging from 1-minute breathing exercises to 60+ minute meditations. The Calm app has a children’s section and is a tool that you can use in your classroom. Your Calm subscription gives you unlimited access to the full library of content at calm.com. As a bonus, you can share your Calm app with five family members, friends, or colleagues. The Calm app can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Download the Calm app and follow these instructions to claim your gift, your free subscription. Be sure to share this gift with all the child care professionals in your life!

Happy Provider Appreciation Day 2024 to all the early childhood educators. thread wishes you well today — Keep Calm and Care On!