Child Care is Struggling through COVID –Pick.Click.Give. to thread to help

January 4, 2021

For many families, the pandemic has introduced new challenges balancing the need to work, provide child care, supervise virtual schooling, as well as care for themselves and their children during uncertain times.

An essential support for families is child care.  

Throughout the pandemic, Alaska’s child care programs have been open, providing safe and healthy care for the children of working families.   

But these small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open.  Many programs are concerned about their future.

You can help!

To ensure these essential businesses survive, Pick.Click.Give. to thread in 2021.

Your gift will support thread’s work to help child care businesses keep the lights on, get supplies, retain staff and more.  It also means early educators have access to essential training at no cost.  With your help, we can continue to help child care survive.

“I am taking as many thread COVID related trainings at this time as possible…it is important for providers to feel prepared to deal with COVID related issues.”  – Early Educator, Anchorage

“Throughout the pandemic, thread has continued to step up to the plate, whether it be reaching out to programs to see if we are in need of anything, sending weekly emails with resource links, to now this financial assistance.” – Owner, Family Child Care Business, Cordova

“This is a difficult time for so many, and we are still operating ‘month to month’… through the generous (thread) support we have been able to keep our business going”  – Owner, Child Care Program, Anchorage

Alaska’s child care programs have been there for all of us during the pandemic. We can be there for them now. 

Pick.Click.Give. to thread in 2021 because child care matters.Donate Now

Other ways to help

If you’re unable to pledge at this time, join us in showing your support.

  • Donate supplies to your child care program.
  • Say thank you to an early educator.
  • Use #childcarematters when sharing your support for child care.
  • Follow thread on Facebook and invite your friends to join!