CCPO Returning to CCAP Payment Processing in ICCIS and the Prescribed Request for Payment CC78 form – Oct 1, 2022

September 23, 2022

Alaska Division of Public Assistance, Child Care Program Office

As a result of the May 2021 Cyber Attack, the Child Care Program Office (CCPO) implemented work arounds for family eligibility and determinations, benefit issuance, and benefit payments.  This included implementation of a temporary Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Request for Payment CC78T form for use by child care providers while the CCPO’s main child care system, the Integrated Child Care Information System (ICCIS) was unavailable for CCAP payment processing. 

The CCPO is pleased to announce that ICCIS case clean-up has been completed, which will allow the CCPO to return to ICCIS for CCAP payment processing.  In order to make this transition, the CC78T will be discontinued effective October 1, 2022, beginning with the service month of September 2022.  This means child care providers will return to using the CCPO prescribed CC78 form (rev 07/19).  The form is located under the Forms section of the CCPO’s website.

If you complete the CC78 form manually, please access it from the CCPO’s website going forward as forms are revised to ensure you have the most recent version.  If you use the electronic CCG/CCAP combined workbook, the correct workbook to use has also been attached. Additionally child care providers will be able to review individual payments per family and child using the IRIS vendor portal.  
If you have questions about the information in this broadcast, please contact the CCPO’s Eligibility and Benefits Team at or 907-269-4500.