Support Early Educators in the Work They Love with the Early Education Fund for Alaska’s Children

Alaska’s early educators love their work and play an important role in our society.

Early educators are care givers and teachers of young children, and a critical support for parents. They are trained professionals in early education. While they ensure our young children are safe, healthy and learning, they are not earning a livable wage. This makes it difficult for them to take care of their own families let alone pursue higher education to grow in their profession.

To forever support them doing the work they love, thread set up Early Education Fund for Alaska’s Children. This young endowment, managed by The Alaska Community Foundation, ensures Alaska’s early educators have professional opportunities for years to come so that our young children receive quality early learning experiences today and tomorrow.

Celebrate Provider Appreciation Day 2022 with a Lasting Gift

thread is making annual contributions to the endowment. In celebration of Provider Appreciation Day 2022, we invite you to join us!

It’s easy to show your appreciation. Help us grow this endowment with a one time donation of $100 or a planned gift that will make a lasting impact for our early educators.  

Make a Gift Today

You can make a gift to the Early Education Fund for Alaska’s Children today or at any time in any amount!

Your gift today will be invested by The Alaska Community Foundation and will earn returns every year from the moment you make it.


Remember thread’s endowment in a will or living trust. With a planned gift you can combine your desire to support child care with your overall financial, tax and estate planning goals. You will help those teaching and caring for Alaska’s young children for years to come.

Learn more at The Alaska Community Foundation.