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The child care system is crucial to maintaining healthy families and a healthy economy. thread makes it possible for you to learn about the issues and advocate directly to policymakers on behalf of children. Your voice matters!


  • Current Legislation
    • Build Back Better (BBB) Act 2021: On October 2021, President Biden announced the framework for the Build Back Better Act, which includes $400 billion for child care and early learning investments over six years. If the Build Back Better Act is signed into law, it will dramatically transform the child care and early learning system for nearly every family with young children, as well as for child care providers. All states will have the option to participate in this program.
      • Status:
        • November 2021:  Bill was passed 220–213 by the House of Representatives on November 19, 2021. Has not gained Senate support.  Congressional discussions continue on how to move the Build Back Better Act forward.
        • May 2022: Revised Build Back Better proposed by Senators Murray (D-WA) and Senator Kaine (D-VA).  The new proposal includes a $72 billion investment in the Child Care and Development Block Grant over the next six years. Funding would be provided to all states and would allow for increased availability of subsidies to families and additional investment in the child care sector. The proposal also includes additional funding for both Pre-K and Head Start and a pilot Child Care and Development Expansion program to help states expand access to child care subsidies to an even larger percentage of families. 
      • Take Action: Ask Members of Congress to support long-term child care investments
  • Federal Support During the Pandemic
  • Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Funding


Legislature Wrap Up June 2022
  • State Budget Signed June 28
    • Capital Budget: $1 million dedicated in the capital budget to support child care quality. 

  • thread Endorsed Bills
    • HB149 – Child Care Provider Collective Bargaining and Child Care Trust Fund
      • April 26:  Passed by the Alaska House of Representatives
      • Referred to the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee with a secondary referral to Senate Finance
      • Failed to get a hearing in the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee before the legislative session ended on May 18, 2022
      • For more information about this proposed bill, watch Thursdays with thread: Conversation with Zack Fields, HB149 Part 2 here
  • Early Childhood Proposed Bills 
    • Proposed legislation related to Pre-K
      • HB114 – Alaska Reads Act
        • May 18: Alaska House of Representatives concurred with the Alaska Senate amended version. The Alaska Reads Act includes universal, voluntary Pre-K, a reading intervention program, and an increase to the base student allocation (BSA).
        • Currently waiting to be transmitted to the Governor for his signature.
    • Proposed legislation impacting child care workforce
      • SB10 – Free, Reduced Tuition for Essential Workers (including child care workers)
        • Passed the Alaska State Senate on May 18, 2021.
        • Referred to the House Education and House Finance Committees.
        • Passed House Education on February 28, 2022. House Finance did not take action on the bill before the legislative session ended on May 18, 2022.
    • Proposed legislation related to employers & child care
      • HB121 – Education Tax Credit, Employer Child Care Cost
        • Referred to House Labor and Commerce with a secondary referral to House Finance.
        • Passed the House Labor and Commerce Committee on March 25, 2021.
        • Failed to get a hearing in House Finance before the legislative session ended on May 18, 2022.
2022 Legislative Calendar 
  • Jan 18: Regular session begins
  • Feb 16: Governor’s amended budget introduced
  • Feb 22: Joint Session: Senator Murkowski’s annual address
  • Apr 17: Statutory end of session 
  • May 18: End of session
  • Aug 16: Primary election 
  • Nov 8: General election

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