Our Impact

thread strives to make early childhood education more affordable, accessible, and high-quality for Alaska’s children. This builds
thriving communities that result in a stronger economy and healthier society.

How? With access to affordable child care, more families can go to work. Employers benefit from a more stable, reliable workforce, and today’s
economy is strengthened. Today’s children will grow up to become tomorrow’s workforce, and their early learning experiences build the foundation of the skills they will need for success later in life. When children experience high-quality early education, they are more likely to do well
in school, to graduate, to find employment, earn higher wages, stay healthier, and avoid risky behavior or incarceration. This saves tax payers
money and contributes to a healthier, more functional society.

This vital work is made possible by generous supporters. We are proud to share thread’s annual report for fiscal years 2018-19, which highlights the
strides we have made together to increase access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education for Alaska’s young children.