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Vote for Kids: How to Engage Children in Voting and Elections

October 13, 2020

Children look to their parents and role models to learn about what’s important in the world, and for guidance in exercising their rights later in life, like voting.

Teaching Alaska’s children about the voting process, the importance of elections, and what the outcomes mean to them, empowers children to use their voice.

This voting season, thread encourages you to Vote for Kids by teaching Alaska’s children the value of voting, and how they play a role in democracy.

Talk to Children about Voting

The Alaska Children’s Trust recently developed its Kids Academy, a tool kit to help parents engage children in municipal, state, and federal elections. Below are some suggestions:

  • Simulate the concept of voting by applying it at home! Have a family vote about what to make for dinner, or what game to play.
  • Talk about your beliefs and values, and how they impact your children in ways they can understand.
  • Teach children how to disagree respectfully and practice listening.
  • Share your beliefs! Talk about the things that are important to you and ask questions.
  • Give children tangible solutions to big problems they are hearing about in the media throughout an election.
  • Filling out an absentee ballot? Have your children help you fill out the ballot at home.


Use these additional resources to engage and educate children on the importance of voting:

For more information about Vote for Kids, click here.