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Early Education Policy News – This Week Supporters Share their Voice on a New Bill and More!

For the Week of April 14-19 UPDATES Senate Bill 6 Testimony: On April 16, Alaska's Senate Education Committee met to hear public testimony...more

April 18, 2019

House Children’s Caucus Gets New Life

After a 17 year hiatus, the Alaska House of Representatives recently relaunched the House Children’s Caucus, co-chaired by Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage) ...more

April 15, 2019

Family Friday

The Week of the Young Child (WOYC) draws to a close today with Family Friday. Today we celebrate...more

April 12, 2019

Alaska, Education

Artsy Thursday

We’re celebrating the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) and today’s theme—Artsy Thursday—is all about children getting creative. The...more

April 11, 2019

Alaska, Education

Work Together Wednesday

It’s Work Together Wednesday—time to build something together! When children build together, they explore math and science concepts and develop their ...more

April 10, 2019

Alaska, Education

Public Testimony on Proposed Budget Cuts

The Senate Finance Committee is hosting a series of public testimony teleconferences across the state to discuss issues related to the FY20 Budget.    thread encourages you...more

April 09, 2019

Tasty Tuesday

It’s the Week of the Young Child (WOYC), and today is Tasty Tuesday. Yum! The focus today is on healthy habits, such...more

April 09, 2019

Alaska, Education

Music Monday

Today thread kicks off the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) in conjunction with the National Association for the Education of Young...more

April 08, 2019

Alaska, Education