Toddler Montessori Teacher

Company/Organization: Puffin Heights Montessori

Location: 1000 W 20th Avenue, Anchorage

Application Dates: 04.01.2022


Job Description

SUPERVISES: Children, teaching assistants and others as directed.

SUPERVISOR: Puffin Heights Administrator, William Canady

JOB SUMMARY: Conduct all operations in compliance with Puffin Heights philosophy and policies, including but not limited to recruitment and enrollment; through communication with Director/Administrator; evaluation of team members; planning and implementation of the children’s program and parent/teacher conferences. Work with families and community members to provide a model for both excellence in service and in professional development.


  1.  Plan and implement full day indoor and outdoor Montessori curriculum for approximately ten (10) children with their families, according to Puffin Heights policies and procedures.
  2. Ensure opportunities for the children to explore their community and establish a good neighbor relationship between Puffin Heights and the neighborhood where the school is located.
  3. Hold a family orientation conference to ensure family has received all pertinent documents, has the child’s records up to date, is prepared to provide lunches, clothing, and snacks in accordance with Puffin Heights policies and procedures; and to discuss questions, concerns, and family goals for the child. Hold a post enrollment conference to discuss the family’s transition into the Puffin Heights community. Ensure that the family understands the policies and procedures set forth in the Puffin Heights Parent Handbook and that all agreements have been signed.
  4. Provide job-specific positive guidance and direction to team members, according to their individual level of knowledge/competence with the Child Development Associate functional areas and with the Montessori method. Provide six (6) hours Montessori In-Service Training for team members during the regular school year.
  5. Assume responsibility as Associate Administrator. Make conscious, competent decisions to ensure program standards for excellence and expectations for a safe learning environment are maintained. Ensure standards set forth by the Municipality of Anchorage Child Care Licensing Code.
  6. Serve as a member of the Puffin Heights Management Team to plan and carry out all aspects of the Puffin Heights program for children and families; this includes but is not limited to, policy/procedure revision, material and supply inventory, long range goal planning, fundraising, staff meetings, pre-service, in-service education, and school functions.
  7. Ensure a professional relationship between Puffin Heights and the American Montessori Society and the National Association for the Education of Young Children; their local affiliates and other appropriate organizations.
  8. Plan and implement individualized welcome and farewell routines as twice daily opportunities for personal interaction with each child in the presence of parent/authorized adult, providing specific positive guidance and direction to master Puffin Heights policies and procedures for health check, nutritious lunch and snack, sign-in and sign-out, and inventory/organization of personal belongings. Facilitate timely individual communications between family/authorized adult and Teacher Assistant.
  9. Ensure all housekeeping, yard work and maintenance responsibilities with attention to thoroughness and efficient use of time, appropriate modeling of the Montessori method; and initiative in having a child participate in appropriate tasks, to be able to observe and enjoy each individual child.
  10. Act as a model and coach for each team member regarding team building and professional ethics.


  1. At least 19 years of age.
  2. High School Diploma or GED.
  3. Toddler Montessori Credential from AMS Affiliated Training Center.
  4. Clear Criminal Background/Fingerprint check.
  5. Food Handlers Card (Municipality of Anchorage)
  6. Current CPR/First Aid Certification
  7. Demonstrated initiative and accountability.
  8. Good listening and observation skills; sensitivity to individual and cultural communication
  9. Demonstrated enjoyment of and respect for young children and their families.
  10. Good general health and physical condition, including:
  • Documented physical examination within 30 days of employment.
  • Annual health history update thereafter
  • Strength and stamina for the physical demands of kneeling, crouching, bending, sitting at child’s level, walking, standing, lifting, and handling equipment, furniture, and materials.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and lift 40 pounds, unassisted.
  • This position entails exposure to a wide range of early childhood illnesses and contagious conditions.

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Submission Instructions

Please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected], Attn: Angel and we will contact you to schedule an interview.

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