Executive Manager

Company/Organization: Chilkat Valley Preschool

Location: Haines

Application Dates: 03/2022


Job Description

1. Bookkeeping: The Executive Manager is responsible for keeping all CVP financial records organized and up to date. Specific duties include accounts payable and receivable, payroll, grants, and tuition assistance forms, prepare monthly financial statements for board meetings, collect tuition, maintain tuition records, and manage all records pertaining to gaming permit, workman’s compensation, and insurance. Working with finance committee duties are to prepare annual budget, complete and file quarterly reports and annual taxes.

2. Operations: The Executive Manager is responsible for overseeing preschool operations and filing all necessary forms regarding immunizations with the Health Department. Other operational duties include being available during school hours for parent’s comments and concerns. The Executive Manager will attend monthly board meetings, collect mail, and monitor preschool telephone and answering machine. When State Licensing concerns arise, the Executive Director will work with Facility Administrator (usually the lead teacher due to qualifications) to maintain adherence to licensing requirements.

3. Liaison: The Executive Manager acts as liaison between Chilkat Valley Preschool and the Haines Head Start, Haines Borough School District, Haines Borough staff, Borough Assembly, Senior Center, and granting agents. In this capacity the Executive Manager occasionally attends public meetings and composes written reports. The Executive Manager is also responsible for coordinating the annual request to the Haines Borough for operating support.

4. Fundraising Coordinator: The Executive Manager is responsible for helping coordinate fundraising events throughout the school year and summer. Duties may include overseeing or managing a volunteer schedule, ordering food/supplies, coordinating where the event may take place and getting all required paperwork to appropriate parties. The Executive Manager may suggest more fundraising ideas or special projects that can be brought forth to the board for approval.

5. Special Duties: The Executive Manager is responsible for keeping an up-to-date schedule/calendar of upcoming events, vacation days where it is visibly seen by working staff and parents. The Executive Manager is responsible for finding an appropriate substitute, to be approved by the Board, if he/she is out of town for longer than 1-week. The Executive Manager is also responsible for finding a daily sub for staff members.

6. Hours: The Executive Manager will work the hours of operation of preschool or other regular hours as approved by Board. The position is part time (16 hours a week, with a ceiling of 30 hours a week) September – May and approximately 2 hours/week June, July, and August. Set hours need to be advertised at CVP, on website, phone messages, and social media links. All timecards will be signed off by CVP Treasurer before checks are printed.

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Submission Instructions

Please email your resume, cover letter, and 3 references with contact information to [email protected]

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