When using thread in written sections, follow these guidelines:

  • Lower case and bold for thread
  • Use in red when able
  • Do not use quotes, title case, or upper case 

thread Logo

The full color logo should be placed primarily on a solid, neutral background, including white, and preferably one that is lighter than the value of the primary red.

thread Colors

thread red

Pantone Uncoated 200U
C 0 M 100 Y 90 K 20
R 190 G 3 B 46
WEB #be202e


Pantone Uncoated 424U
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K70
R 109 G 110 B 113
WEB #6d6e71


C 73 M 90 Y 33 K 21
R 87 G 51 B 99
WEB #573363


There are two font families suggested: Tarzana and Futura. If these fonts are unavailable, use Arial Narrow as a substitute for headlines, and Arial as a substitute for body copy.

Primary Fonts:
Futura Book, Futura Condensed, Tarzana Narrow

Secondary Fonts:
Arial and Arial Narrow Accent Font: BlackJack